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So I made a site

Finally! Many years have gone by without my having actually followed through on one of the things that I enjoy most - sharing my experiences and learnings with others, hoping that it'll provide some value. I'm not sure why I've avoided it so much, or always found time for other things besides it, but here I am.

The plan is for this place to be a dumping ground for all of my learnings and creations. With any luck, this here post will soon be just a distant memory that I've forgotten and that you've only found after going to the bottom of a looong list of posts on my site.

If I end up really nailing it, then you'll also find the shop populated with a variety of one-of-a-kind artisan pieces, along with patterns and plans for you to follow along with as you create your own DIY projects.

Continuous learning and growth are vital to me, and I value them greatly. As such, I've already begun populating the hundreds of books that I've read and value on the Reading List page. I doubt you'd regret checking out a couple that piques your interest. Especially if you haven't read - or listened to - a book in a while. It's healthy. Why don't you head there next?

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