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Game Design

This page contains a sampling of my works that relate to game design and development. Most are student projects from my time at Full Sail University, where I acquired their Game Design BS.

The Everquest 2 Modular Atlas Project (EQ2MAP)

EQ2MAP is a tool that I started back in 2005 with the release of EverQuest 2, having found the map usability lacking for my needs. My personal contributions still, as of 2022, form the basis of the project and website.

This UI Mod is officially approved by SOE and most of the devs have, in fact, admitted to using it.

Credits go to the community and most importantly, SOE for providing the community with the tools and information to make projects like this happen.


  • Designed and documented the interface changes needed to:

    • Implement custom maps for missing ones.

    • Allow the player to change the map to different zones instead of  only allowing player to view the current zone.

  • Designed and implemented file and data structure across both the game content and the maps website.

  • Designed and created the PHP website & MySQL backbone for

  • Collaborated with programmer Nathan Lockett, to create an automatic launcher for the game that updated the player with new maps and points of interest before each play session.

  • On-going iteration and expansion driven by discussions and co-contributions of the community for approximately 1 year after release before leaving the project to the community.

EQ2MAP has over 2,000,000 downloads to date.


Far Cry 2 Mission: Blood Diamonds

The APR is running a small diamond mining camp in the southeast. Armed guards force slaves to perform the labor at this camp. One of the two laborers is one of the player’s buddies. Player is requested to destroy the mining camp. When the camp is alerted, the Mining Boss flees back to the crew’s hidden quarters. The player is not required to track him back to the quarters. If the player does track him to the quarters and clears the enemies there, player unlocks a safe house and finds a briefcase containing 6 diamonds.
Tools: Far Cry 2 Editor



Can we make a typing game that is fun and challenging while being able to increase real-world productivity?

Testing revealed that the mission was accomplished. 


Created and implemented the Scaleform interface.
Created Kismet scripting to interact with Scaleform interface.

Tools: Unreal Development Kit, Adobe Scaleform

Into The Dark

-One month project creating a single level of a game in UDK to form the foundation of a larger game.
-The player wakes up in a post-zombie-apocalyptic office building and must escape without using any weapons.
-The player interacts with the environment to distract and avoid zombies.

-Level & Environment design

-Interaction Scripting
-Modeled & textured non-standard art assets


Tool: Unreal Development Kit


A prototype for a game concept in which the player clicks on the squares that make up clouds in an effort to zap the bugs below

If at First You Don't Succeed

A prototype for a game concept in which the player navigates each level's maze. In doing so, they quickly find that death is simply inevitable. Definitely inspired by the Adventures of LoLo on the NES.

Beehive Bonanza!

This video was created to demonstrate the first minutes of gameplay for a conceptual game. 

The player takes the role of Barry the Beekeeper who sets off to recover his bees that have been lured away by another deep in the woods.

Tool: Multimedia Fusion 2

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